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Barcelona , Spain – Invisible People

We are the center of the universe, that is, for ourselves of course

We’re busy with our needs, thoughts, feelings, Commitments,

Our reality is subjective & partial, have you ever wonder what slides beneath our radar?

Bruchstein invites us to challenge our perception of reality, to wake up our unconsciousness, by exploring the convenient alternate reality we have created for ourselves.

Now, are you ready to take the red pill?

Can you believe that invisible people exists?

Bruchstein has a proof. he caught some in his lens

and You are about to see them.

Invisible people have a great influence on our lives, though we never see them.

Invisible people are the core of our functioning society, though never noticed.

Invisible people are responsible for our daily uninterrupted routine,

Though never thought about.

Rarely when we do, its disparage & disregard,

Relating directly to the way we see ourselves versus others;

We like to address those who we aspire to be like,

And we tend to ignore anyone who’s considered inferior.

These are the invisible people.


Bruchstein chooses to convey his criticism on society through his work by

freezing moments while in movement, he focuses on the invisible,

forcing us to not only see but observe them, even if our first natural

attraction is to the eye-catching objects.


Invisible people - Barcelona Spain

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