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The people, the cultures, the versatility, the colors, the extraordinary architecture,

The feeling that everything here is POSSIBLE, the vibes & unique soul of Barcelona city captured by Ran Bruchstein

Bruchstein’s strong belief that ‘mind creates reality’ led him to name his ​​a method of photography “pin it!”
He has a vision & he waits for it, minutes or hours; sometimes nothing happens, other times EVERYTHING happens beyond any imagination. 

IN SIDE OUT – Tel-Aviv, ISREAL. 8-9-2022

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Invisible People 2 – Can Negre 5.5.2022

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Barcelona , Spain – Invisible People

Bruchstein invites us to challenge our perception of reality, to wake up our unconsciousness, by exploring the convenient alternate reality we have created for ourselves.

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Barcelona spain – Barcelona Vibes

Inspired, experience moments, Always looking for a new horizon.

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