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Barcelona spain – Barcelona Vibes

‘Barcelona Vibes’ is An exhibition-hymn to the city of Barcelona
The people, the cultures, the versatility, the colors, the extraordinary architecture,
The feeling that everything here is POSSIBLE, the vibes & unique soul of Barcelona city captured by Ran Bruchstein Bruchstein encapsulate Barcelona as he sees in his mind, he seeks to mirror emotions by emphasising a sense of movement, time or dimensions within the composition. He creates a multi stories pieces for the viewer to discover patiently unappealing the layers one by one, almost like Bruchstein when creating.

Before all Bruchstein is a dreamer, he photographs like a painter the reality as is in his minding with a colourful game of light & shadow.

The result is the opposite of minimalism, it’s a harmonious carnival for the eyes, the exact composition blended with ravishing colors, keeping a high level of excitement, letting the viewer find what they need in his work; hope, love or a wonder. Bruchstein’s strong belief that ‘mind creates reality’ led him to name his ​​a method of photography “pin it!”

He has a vision & he waits for it, minutes or hours; sometimes nothing happens, other times EVERYTHING happens beyond any imagination. In reflection, Barcelona and Bruchstein have a lot in common, Both full of life, happy, optimistic, always on the move, open-minded, layersful, Both participating quietly, allowing moments to occur, embracing others paste.

‘Barcelona Vibes’ is a celebration of an extraordinary wonderland of the city called Barca through the eyes of Bruchstein In one quote: But if there was no Barcelona, why would you get out of bed in the morning? – Ray Hudson

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